08 May 2013

Objectives and purpose

The project objective is knowledge transfer for the production cell for the fields of robotics, organization and technical components of flexible cell, quality and measurement, CNC, safety between educational institutions with the purpose to train teachers and other skilled staff. We need to adapt the materials, innovative approach for the target groups and testing products in order to train the teachers (from all partners on practical level and employees in companies (transfer from educational institutions to industry). Trainings will take place on the flexible cell in the school Zreče, Wolfsberg and Graz, with previous checkup of possibilities in receiving countries to the product testing. Project is based on presenting the project idea, solutions, team work among cooperating countries, language adaptation by making a vocabulary of most used terms for the work on flexible cell (short multi lingual overview). Direct outcomes: knowledge transfer among partners, training of teachers (10-12 skilled trainers), material adaptation for teachers and SME’s employees, test products. Realization of training for employees (in Slovenia), finished printed version of manual, multi lingual vocabulary of often used terms associated to the production cell, data dissemination and promotion of the data on the web side of the project.

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