03 May 2013

School centre Slovenske Konjice-Zreče

 School centre Slovenske Konjice-Zreče is a public institution founded by the government of Slovenia, municipality of Slovenske Konjice and municipality of Zreče. We perform educational programs for youth and adults, counselling for companies, mostly SMEs. The school centre is organized in three units: Grammar school, Vocational and technical school and Adult education and counselling. Our mission is assuring high quality educational programs for youth and adults in the fields of vocational, technical and general education and also encouraging long life learning. We try to fulfil wishes and needs of individuals; we actively cooperate with local industry and local communities. Professional technical trainings and education is performed in Zreče in the workshop of Vocational school. Programs are prepared individually for every customer or employer. Such programs are close to employment needs and this is their big advantage

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    Rolling Stone also goes hard on Patriots owner Robert Kraft, calling his claim that he was duped arrant nonsense.According to rolling stone s reporting, hernandez was regularly using illegal drugs, hanging out with criminals and getting mixed up in so many bad situations that the only way the patriots wouldn t have known is if they didn t want to know.

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    Jabiari Tyler, Kendall Bussey lead Newman offense against Thomas Jefferson in scrimmage playTravis Connelley, NOLAm

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    PISCATAWAY With the Rutgers Football team set to scrimmage for the first time on Saturday afternoon and with the season-Opener at fresno state less than three weeks away, redshirt junior gareef glashen and redshirt sophomore ian thomas are both penciled in to start at cornerback.The things is, they took very different roads to get to this point.A 5-Foot-10 native of tradition-Rich, talent-Laden miami, glashen has waited his turn for a bigger role in the secondary behind former scarlet knights standouts logan ryan, marcus cooper and brandon jones, all of whom are now gone to the nfl.Glashen believes he was capable of playing consistently a long time ago, but understands the process of waiting and working and is now in position to cash in on his patience.“It’s been a lot of hard work, a lot of patience, a lot of believing in myself,” Glashen said after the first of two practices on Wednesday.“I got down on myself at times, but I had to believe and work every day and keep working for what I got.I just had to be patient and wait behind some guys that were good at the time.I just tried to learn from them, and that made be better as a person as a player.”Thomas has a much different story.A 6-Foot-1 product out of Baltimore, he is a converted wide receiver, having been moved to cornerback during the practices leading up to last season’s Russell Athletic Bowl.Thomas took to the position well during that time and continued to impress during spring practice, which culminated with him earning the douglas a.Smith award for his efforts as the most improved defensive player in spring practice.Thomas was savvy enough that he embraced the change from offense to defense for the simple fact that he knew there would be a need at cornerback in 2013.That meant the opportunity to play early in his career, something glashen never got to experience.“It was a very exciting thing to me, going from wide receiver to DB,” Thomas said on Wednesday.“I didn’t know where they would want me, but being that we were young at corner, I had a chance and an opportunity to play early.I’m just going with the flow now, just coming in every day and trying do better than i did yesterday.”(Page 2 of 2)Within an inexperienced secondary, glashen, with all of 14 collegiate games under his belt, qualifies as an elder statesman after three full seasons in the program under greg schiano and now kyle flood.Just as guys like ryan, cooper and jones tried to help glashen when he was first starting out, glashen is doing the same for this group, including thomas. “I just try to point the young guys in the right direction,” Glashen said.“I obviously don't want them going in the wrong direction because I was heading in the wrong direction at one point.”“It’s a great relationship regardless of how we came to be in the positions we’re in,” Thomas said.“He helps with everything, anything I need.My press technique, my off technique, he’s definitely there for me.”With so much time still to go before the opener, one factor to consider in the secondary is the addition of Lew Toler, a transfer from Western Michigan, where he was a three-Year starter.Toler has impressed in practice thus far and could find himself in the mix for a starting cornerback spot for the opener.Should that happen and glashen or thomas is replaced, either guy would likely still play a large role in nickel packages.News and noteswide receiver carlton agudosi and defensive back bryant gross-Armiento were injured during practice but flood did not immediately know either player’s condition.Free safety jeremy deering and running back desmon peoples returned to practice, though peoples was somewhat limited.Rutgers held its first indoor training camp practice thursday and flood said the temperate in the bubble was 103 degrees.Seven-Year nfl veteran marco battaglia was chatting up the tight ends at his alma mater’s practice page previous 1 2 next
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    PITTSFORD, N.Y. (Ap)— The Buffalo Bills big man, Marcell Dareus, is ready to shed his heavy heart.The defensive tackle is looking ahead to the season with the intention of returning his focus back to playing Football. It's a consciousApproach Dareus is taking after being left an emotional wreck lastYear following the shooting death of hisYoungest brother. "To me, lastYear never hAppened, "He said. "I done came to the realization that my little brother is gone.I've coped with that.I've grieved over it.I got all of it out, and i'm ok now. "Difficult as it might be, dareus is ready to move on after his sibling, simeon gilmore, was among three people killed during a burglary in a suburb of birmingham, ala.It occurred the same weekend dareus was preparing to open the season.Dareus left the team to mourn with his family.And it was clear upon his return that he had been left drained by the experience.He wasn't the same bubbly person off the field.Rather being someone usually ready to show off his dance moves in the locker room, dareus mostly avoided eye contact with reporters.And he certainly wasn't the aggressive dual-Purpose pass-Rushing/run-Stuffing wrecking ball of a player buffalo hoped for. "It hit me real low.And it took a lot out of me,"Dareus said. "That's theFirst time i went through my season where i didn't know why.I didn't know what was going on and why things were happening to me the way they were. "I really didn't know how to bounce back. "This season becomes a fresh start in dareus' pursuit to begin realizing the potential the bills saw in selecting the former alabama star with the third pick in the 2011 draft. "I have a lot to prove to myself,"He said. "Of course, i've had a couple of bumps and bruises in the road.But at the same time, i've overcome them. I'm just focusing in on thisYear, getting better, and being the best player that I can be. "The sky is still regarded to be the limit for Dareus, but he'sYet to come close to scratching that surface.Playing through an assortment of injuries in his rookie season, dareus still led the team with 5½ sacks on a porous defense. LastYear, he finished second on the team with 5½ sacks, but was knocked for his inconsistency for much of the season.First-Year defensive coordinator mikePettine said dareus is"Having a pretty good camp,"While noting there is still much he needs to improve upon.The biggest issue is getting dareus to use his powerful, 6-Foot-3, 300-Plus-Pound frame to create the same type of havoc along the line as he did in college. "We're trying to get him to be a little more aggressive and roll off the ball and use his size,"Pettine said. "SometimesYou get big guys that think they're little guys.He has to understand at times he just needs to use his size and strength. "Dareus had a solid scrimmage on monday, when he bullied his way into the backfield to disrupt plays on several occasions. AndYet, there have been times when he's relied too much on finesse.Veteran defense tackle kyle williams, who has taken dareus under his wing, is nfl game jerseys confident his teammate is making progress. "Fans and everybody outside and inside, coaches and players, are kind of waiting on him to kind of take off and fly.And i think he's there,"Williams said. "I just want to be around for that, because i know physically what he can do.It's just really trying to narrow his focus. "Dareus understands his shortcomings. He was ready to improve upon them aYear ago, before his focus was derailed by tragedy.He's grown from that experience.Dareus is proud to announce he's down to his rookie playing weight of about 300 pounds, after entering camp at 331 last season.He talks about how much better he feels mentally and physically.And he's pleased to hear what williams had said about him being ready to take off and fly. "Everything is behind me.I'm only looking forward,"Dareus said. "Kyle williams has got my back, and just knowing that pushes me through all of this. "With each word, his voice rises with intensity, and a smile begins to build. "Yeah, i'm happy,"Dareus said. "I'm ready to twitch.I'm ready to go. "___Online:Http://pro32.Ap. org/poll andHttp://twitter.Com/ap_nfl

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    Besides the chuckles that come with the big man slow-Cooking these tasty racks and dousing his car with barbecue sauce, fans should be hit with the uncontrollable urge to chow down on some ribs of their own.
    I don t think Chris Henry, we would pick today, Lewis said.See, chris had social issues the time of the draft but] he hadn t really gotten into legal issues.Chris would have a harder time today just because we would be more sketchy on if he could handle the day to day of being a good teammate.
    But for as quickly as Royster s leap into the starter discussion transpired, the gradual steps back down to the fringes of nfl pittsburgh steelers the Redskins offensive game plan  injuries, Alfred Morris s emergence, a demotion from his third-Down back duties  seemed to play out just as swiftly.
    BEREA, Ohio Browns long snapper Christian Yount has agreed to a five-Year contract with cleveland that runs through 2017.Yount, 25, best nfl jerseys is in his third year with cleveland and has played in all 21 games since being signed nov.29, 2011.He is the lone holdover among the browns' specialists as they did not re-Sign pro bowl kicker phil dawson or punter reggie hodges.
    The biggest thing for the Ravens right now is that they have a true fullback, something they didn t have in rookie Kyle Juszczyk.Adding leach gives the team stability at fullback for the 2013 season, which can allow juszczyk to focus on improving as a receiver, which is where he will have to make a living in pitta s absence.
    By the time Tarantino's bail-Bond epic wrapped, many had chimed in.Your answers ranged all over the map.There was plenty of jerseys for cheap support for marc trestman in chicago and mike mccoy in san diego, largely because of the presence of quarterbacks jay cutler and philip rivers, respectively.
    Beating the defending Super Bowl champions will be no easy feat for the upstart Browns, but there could be a chance the Ravens won t be at their best in that game.In baltimore s schedule, the cleveland matchup is sandwiched between games against two of the better teams in the nfl last season, the denver broncos and houston texans.With any luck, the browns can steal one here and end their misery at the hands of the ravens.

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